Many clubs around the world have the same origin story; while on holiday in Brazil someone falls in love with footvolley, and brings it home.  The UK is no different.

The founder of the UKFVA was studying in Rio de Janeiro for a few months in 2002, and played some footvolley at the famous Posto 9 beach in Ipanema.  On returning to the UK  he discovered that his footy skills had gone through the roof.  No longer hiding in midfield, he swapped position to centre forward and started banging in goals with his left foot, right foot, head etc..

He realised that this was the key to Brazil’s enduring football success and the genesis of their incredible skills. In the UK we are spoiled by the number and quality of pitches available to kids.  In Brazil only very lucky (and talented) kids have the chance to play 11-a-side on a full size pitch.  Until then players play more informal, small-format games, or they play futsal, or they play footvolley.  All of these give you the same result: incredible skill and ball control.

He also has another realisation – that in order to win the World Cup in his lifetime – we had to to introduce footvolley to the UK.   And so, in 2004 the UK Footvolley Association was set up as a not-for-profit organisation in order to achieve these two small goals: get the country playing footvolley – and win the World Cup!