What is Footvolley?

Footvolley was created on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro in the 60’s.  Having evolved from “altinha” or keepy-uppy it was first played over a very high net on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro and was called “Bola de pe”.   In the 1990’s, the net was lowered to 2.60m, and was still exclusively played in Rio.  In the late 1990’s the net was lowered again to its current height, and footvolley as it is known today was born.

The game quickly spread to other cities in Brazil and around the world.  It is now played all over Europe, South America, Asia, the USA, the Middle East and Australia.

The most famous footvolley player to move into football was Romario, who having played footvolley on the beaches of Rio as a youth only moved to football at the relatively late age of 20.  However many footballers play and love footvolley; Beckham, Ronaldo, Edmundo, Ronaldinho, Junior, Robinho and many more.